Chicken Mama, Cows, Lovin' the Farm Life, Crazy Chicken Lady, In the Coop, On the Farm Kitchen Waffle Towel

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Chicken Mama, I love my Cows, Lovin the Farm Life, Crazy Chicken Lady, Life is good in the Coop, On the Farm Kitchen Waffle Towel

Individual Towel Designs to pick from:

Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers! (#1)
Not Today Mother Cluckers! (#2)
Not Today Heifer! (#3)
My Chickens Make Me Happy (#4)
Keeper of the Chickens (#5)
Just a Girl Who Loves Chickens (#6)
Life is Good in the Coop (#7)
Lovin' the Farm Life (#8)
My Chickens make me Breakfast! (#9)
I love my Cows (#10)
I just need more Chickens! (#11)
Farm Fresh Organic Eggs (#12)
Crazy Chicken Lady (#13)
Cluck it! I'm Done! (#14)
Chicken Mama (#15)

Towel Description:

These are strong, ultra-absorbent, waffle weave, microfiber towels that measure 16" x 24" with serged edges

This ultra-fine Microfiber may be used on any surface and actually lifts, traps and removes unwanted surface contaminants instead of simply pushing them around.

- A high-ratio blend of polyester and nylon. (80% polyester / 20% polyamide)
- Attracts and holds oil, grease, dirt, grime, film, dust and bacteria.

Care Instructions:

-Wash in cold water.
-Dry on low.
-Softener is NOT recommended